Wonderful Remembrance

Everything is gone and still to happen

Everything is left and forgot

But, one special thing I do remember always,

It is the memory of my childhood day.

                                    It is my childhood day,

                                    When destination was only to play,

                                    Nothing to lose and nothing to gain,

                                    We all do it again & again.


We all gathered together,

Far from any elder brother,

To start our secret job,

That is playing, fighting, crying again and again become friend.

                                    Can’t reach any tension,

                                    Apart from study,

                                    Nothing to worry about future,

                                    It is a wonderful childhood day.

Guider is a dreadful animal,

And I like an innocent lamb,

Who always seem to be cut into pieces,

For any pigmy mistakes.

                                    My heart is filled with cheer,

                                    And mind travelled so far,

                                    To visit a wonderful place,

                                    Which is my childhood…….



Ani= animal

Guider= parents

Innocent lamb= me

Pigmy= small





























ImageStrange is not strange anymore

You are not same anymore

Was thinking to do something different

Nothing different is left but just boundaries

Fresh nature said to be your best friend

But become foe by devastating blow

Is it the domino effect of our irresponsible action?

Had been rightly proved as every action has their equal reaction

Let’s stand not together tough alone to do your part

To keep the nature smile not for you but atleast for your next generation

A Panoramic View on Sustainability: Triple P’s

At the advent of the 21st century, the world has become a consumer centric driven lifestyle which cast a rapid development in the industrializations process. In fact, the globalization is a suitable string to trigger the economic growth at the cost of devastation of environment.   Phenomenally, most of the developing country is growing unstructured wise which results a global warming. Now, it needs a call for inclusive global practice of sustainability by considering people, planet and prosperity.

People growth with a sustainability concept and practice is the essence of bringing down the disparity of economic health in the society. The sustainable living factor can reduce, recycle and reuse resources in order to make the clean environment.  A living below your means concept is a tool not to squander the resources but to live a comfortable life with maximizes utilization. It will enrich the blending of the sustainable living and less impact on the environment.

Our Planet is life bearing withstand the 7 billion world populations as per the latest record. Is it not the booming of population makes the world more crowded as before in the history? It changes the course of the natural ecosystem completely resulted an earthquake, tsunami e.g. Japan tsunami & earthquake, Sikkim earthquake recently. A silent voice of recreation the catastrophe done by us is becoming inevitable to protect or else our next generation can’t be able to enjoy the finite resources which we are using now.

Prosperity of the individual as well as world as a whole with a prima facie vision of sustainable development. There is a crystal clear thin line between the development and sustainable development. Generally, the former is taking a side of profitability of the organizations without considering the impact on the environment. Though, later is emphasizing on the inclusive growth with a high concern on environment. One of the dimensions to resolve it by adopting good corporate governance and displaying a high sense of corporate social responsibility. The primary sector has been hit badly after the adoption of liberalization in India. In fact, it affected the large population engage in the agriculture sector which gave rise to a livelihood crisis for the masses. The Govt., Private and NGOs agencies can propound the practice of sustainable agriculture widely which will create a large employments and push the benefits of nature by organic farming.  A holistic view of PPP (Public-Private-Partnership) framework can be laid with a perspective of conserving the environment at a large scale.

The sustainable development must have an integration of social, economic and environmental in a prudent proportionate structure to develop an instrumental framework of triple P’s sustainability. Henceforth, it needs a hand of individuals,NGOs, private and public sector to  make our globe sustainable in utilizing finite resources for the next successive generation which has been rightly quote below:-

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. –  Gro Harlem Bruntland

Sajana Mere!!!

Sajana mere!!! tum bin yeh suna zindagi

kaise kahu ki tum bin yeh mausam suni

Sajana mere!!! kya tujhe yaad hain

kaise baraste teh barsaton pe….

Meri pyari Nindiya  kaisi rahi teri nindiya

kabhi toh guzar meri palko se

 kabhi toh seher kar meri khwabo pe

Meri Pyari Nindiya kaisi rahi teri nindiya

At Time’s Nothing Happen….

Somebody’s has rightly says evrything’s luk green on the other pasture butz it’s not….

There’s  a time when u think let me grow old and i’ll do this and that….

let me get a bike and i’ll go colleges more frequently….

let me have a girl friend and i’ll be more sensible to love….

let me get learn more and i’ll start this venture and that….

let me get married and i’ll become more mature and loyal….

let me get rich and i’ll help to this and those…..

To all Those Such People….I wanna sayz

“At Times Nothing Happen”…..

Go and Fetch ur Dreamz before itz TOO late…


Prof. Pradip Sadarangani, IIM Shillong, has talked about the consumer behavior in the class and propounded the Kapoors Buy a Car-Case Study. He asked DMSEians to write up for the case study with a multi-dimensions perspective. The following is the write-up presented by me to limelight the consumer buying process in this case study.


This case study is emphasized on how the family member has a big role and can influence for the buying process. It has been purely concentrated on the Kapoors family who has planned to buy a car. He already bought a Humberland car 8 years ago and thinking of buying a new one. He has sorted out the best car would be a Humberland compere, though, others in the family has a different point of view.

The family has 4 members. Mr. Arun Kapoor, aged 49, works as a senior manager at TCS, Bombay. Mrs. Alka Kapoor, his wife, aged 44, works as a schoolteacher. They have a 21 year old son, Rohan, who is a first year degree college student at Mithibai College, and a daughter,  Aarti, aged 18 who is a first year junior college student at St. Xavier’s, Bombay.They looked at all the cars in the market and short-listed 3 mid-sized cars for further consideration (Humberland’s Compere, Milton’s Crusader and Amanda’s Falcon).



The typical buying roles and process can be elaborately describes in the following:-


Buying Roles:

            Initiators: The kapoor family own an old Humberland car bought 8 years back  and with Mr.Kapoor’s  promotion they come to the planning of buying a new car.It was the father who is the main initiator for buying a new car and he takes into consideration his family as a whole.

            Influencer:Mr .kapoor son  has become the main influencer by bring the topic of buying a cars again and his search of information in terms of Primary data and secondary data  about the differents cars models (I.e Amanda Falcon,Milton Crusader and Humberland Compere ) dealers ,price ,mileage,best selling cars and articles and Daughter sharing the information about her friend car  about  falcon .

            Decider: The father decided to buy the car from his decision  of taking loan and his target of buying a car before Diwali.

            User:The kapoors family is the user of the Milton Crusader at the end.

Stages in the buying Process:

1 Needs and recognition

After Mr.Kapoor promotion he was having the idea of buying a new car. Own a Humberland bought 8 years back and its was very old that catch their attention in idea of buying the new car. In fact, the need is the car which eventually link with a recognition or the status of Mr. Kapoor.

2. Information Search

The Family members has already chosen three types of brands i.e compere, crusader and falcon.  Son  gathered information about the service network and dealer. Daughter gathered the information from her friend and magazines.

3. Evaluation of alternatives

Humberland has a better service network and Dealer in the country compare to Milton and  Falcon besides that Mr. kapoor information from his colleaques about the reputation of compere providing trouble free service for a year . According to his daughter that Falcon is the sleekest and majestic  car on the road, but comparing the price of falcon and Compere they both are of the same price around 6.27 lakhs while Crusader is much higher i.e 6.51 lakhs. But Crusader and Falcon give less mileage whereas compere gives and average of 13.9 kmpl. According to his son information the crusader has a barely 2 kmpl difference to that of compere. During the test drive Mr.Kapoor find out that  the space of Cruseder  and performance of power and pick is better to that of Falcon.

4. Purchase

Father Decided to buy Crusader Before Dewali  and taken a Loan From the bank.

5. Post Purchase

After two months of using the car the family were satisfy and proud about the bright side of the car i.e boot space, pick up, the inner space and everything else they wanted .mostly Father driving the same car as his boss

In the nutshell, The car buying is the complex buying behavior because the different of opinion among the family member where as the son wants Cruseder and daughter wants Falcon where as father want to buy Humberland .the buying here take lot of time since influencer and the initiator were aware of the brand they want They have to gather  information.but the complexity of difference car in their performance ,comfortability ,style and services make the buyer confuse in making decision as it is the huge and  longterm investment .

CEDNER, Rajiv Gandhi IIM Shillong

                                                    CEDNER, Rajiv Gandhi IIM Shillong

                The CEDNER has been term as a Centre for Development of North Eastern Region formerly known as the Accelerated Learning Centre (ALC) of the Indian Institute of Management Shillong. This has taken a greater leap to bring the local business acumen from entire North-East in a way to entrust with skills and develop them to be a torchbearer for the region.

               In Fact, the Ministry of Development of North-East Region (DoNER) has taken the positive initiative to take up the financial assistance for the development of local entrepreneurs with the premier institute, IIM Shillong.

                Professor Ashok Kumar Dutta, the Director of IIM S had a vision to create an interface between the institute and local entrepreneurs to confer benefit to the society of NE by imparting knowledge and enriching skills of youth in order to be part of the globalization by creating an innovative entrepreneur in the region.

               The IIM Shillong has commemorated the given responsibility and started a Course on “Developing Managerial Skills for Local Entrepreneurs” in the greenery campus laden with fresh nature. Professor Keya Sengupta, our course Director and Dr. Tapas Kumar Giri, Dr. N. Sivasankaran, Course Coordinator, painstakingly, selected a dynamic thirty (30) youth from seven sister’s state of NE with a diverse background focus with a homogenous view to become an entrepreneur.

              The flagship CEDNER programme has been graced by two eminent personalities Shri B.K. Handique, Honorable Minister of DONER and Shri Vincent H. Pala, honorable Minister of State and various prominent dignitaries of the state.

               Shri B.K. Handique,expresses views about the innovative entrepreneurs to develop this region. In fact, he was emphasis more about the responsibility of the premier institute to impart the technical know how about the business and to enrich the managerial skills of the youth in a way not to drive North-East economically,but, India as a whole.

                 Shri Vincent H. Pala emphasize on the prospect of gaining a momentum of business activity can be explore in the region. He defines the pre-requisite of linkage with esteem valued institute and a local youth. If the same programme will be ask to provide by other institution need a verification of the authentic approach of study, whereas, this course from IIM S is rendering a different scenario of validity since due to its high world class faculties and infrastructures.

                 Overall, the starting point of the race is took off well and focusing on the end of the race with high learning, highly motivated and molded as a difference maker in the region.

An untold story yet to be heard….

                        It was a dark coldly night whereas sangha chakum has started his journey from his brother-in-law denizen of ziro. He was travelling all alone in his bike to itanagar without having any clue what is awaiting for him in the next hour.

                         The capital complex zone was completely filled with the terror of being bandh was called by All Arunachal Pradesh Student Union (APPSU). A city known to be always busy with the crowded people, but, it was unlike today where there is no sign of any solitary individual.

                           He is on the way to itanagar from ziro to attend the practical exam of class x in Govt. Secondary School Arunadaya Itanagar. He is riding against the wind of bandh and reached nearby Banderdewa forest check gate. All of a sudden, a large crowd of AAPSU activist stopped him and asked him not to continue his journey enroute to itanagar. He was completely terrified though calmly explained the reason to attend the practical exam which is to be held on the following subsequent day. They whisper among themselves and agreed to let him continue the journey. He was moving in full speed in pulsar bike till some activist yell him to stop in Dobum village. Out of nowhere, one big stone has been hurled down which hit him down in the left leg while trying to stop the bike. In the meanwhile, the entire group of activist vanished away after badly injured him on the roadside. He was all alone helpless cripple alone on the roadside and yelling for help but nobody is there to response.

                              Fortunately, one boy name Hillang Nima heard his voice calling all alone for a long time since he was walking down from banderdewa gate by parking his bike there. He realized that his left leg is badly injured with full of blood trickle from its freshly wound. Immediately, he torn out pieces of his cloth and used mapler as a bandage by wrapping it on the left leg. His presence of mind made him to use the bamboo stick as a support by tied around in his left leg. Then, he hold him up and tried to walk for some distance but he is unable to bear the pain of broken leg.

                              He is screaming aloud out of serious pain which is increasing as the moment goes by. He laid the boy on the roadside and walk down to a nearby village in a view to get some help. But, the response of villagers was not so accordingly to the situation. So, he made a call to police station naharlagun and explains in detail about the prevailing situation. They replied as it will be late to reach in the spot and it would be better if you call to Banderdewa police station. He did call to banderdewa station and they arrived at the spot within half an hour. They carried him in the vehicle and took him to the Naharlagun General hospital. He was finally relief from the shriek pain by having a better treatment in the hospital.

                             Eventually, the police and victim applaud him for his magnanimous and audacity to save him in this adverse circumstances.

A Time to waste

A Time to waste

There’s always a talk all about the time management and the usage of time in a best way. Many has a homogenous beliefs as better utilize of time will lead you to a great success.Indeed, it is well said “Time & Tide Wait for none”. Though, generally, most of us are unable to maintain it owing to various works at the same time. Even, procrastinates mass also had the valid reasons not to complete the work in a stipulated time. It is a situation like as we know the value of time but can’t help it while witnessing it like a sand seeping through our fist.

A 21st century laden with infinite technology drives the entire humanity to a maniac phase where nobody does have a deep insight & value of time. But, the striking point is whether do we ever had any idea about the value of time. All we do is keeping us engage in one work or another. Simply, we entangle ourselves with different walk of life and tend to forget the value of time.

 One can know the value of something, if he engrossed something for a longer time or faced the hardship to achieve it. It is well said in the Chinese proverb that one can know the personality of persons only with the longevity of time. Mostly, it has been said that time is the great counselor and healer of an individual. Though, we never gave importance to heed and understand the deep insights of time. Even, we are having a long pile of works to react and act which heavily detrimental the inquisitiveness to measure the time value.

 Therefore, what I thought how we can really profoundly understand the value of time in our life by simply following the given line:

A Time to waste is the Best practice to know the value of time…(tasap).

This propounded idea may raise some eyeballs because the general phenomenon will say more about the time management and utilize it properly.

Nevertheless, the person who is always engaging with work can hardly notice the value of time. It can be justified upto some extent by the following lines.

You must have been warned against letting the golden hours slip by; but some of them are golden only because we let them slip by.  ~James Matthew Barrie

It is an indicator which manifest that some of the beautiful moments happen only when we let our golden hours slip by. Likewise, we can only know the value of time when we let it slip (waste) some of the precious hours of our life. Many discrepancies can evoke as how the time value can be understood by wasting it lavishly inspite of optimum utilization.

 However, as I said one can only know the value of something when the classic moments has passed by. In a similar pattern, one can only know the value of time when the golden moments is passing through your eyes.

 Eventually, a proper guided wasted time will render you to know the value of your precious time of life.